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So you can properly register your songs with distributors, publishers, collection societies, and chart companies, and every stake holder is paid their fair share.

In some countries your royalties are paid from the date of song registration. So if you wait, you will lose back-royalties (from release date until the date of registration).

Use this spreadsheet to submit your metadata to get paid on huge royalty settlements like the recent 2021 payout of $424 million dollars to the Mechanical Licensing Collective.

All collection societies like PRO's, CMO's, SoundExchange, Publishers, SongTrust, Sync libraries, require your metadata spreadsheet to be ingested into their databases.


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I'm Todd McCarty. I started as an indie musician and tour manager. I was a Vice President of Sales at Sony Music USA and from 2002-2016 I was the General Manager of a large independent label Fearless Records.

Now, I've taken my decades of music industry experience and create training and publish advice for independent musicians looking to grow their fanbase. I'm the founder of Band Builder Academy and Heat On The Street - a blog covering musicians issues.

Todd Mccarty

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Band Builder provides musicians unique training to convert fans, get more Spotify playlists, streams, and member-only tools.  You can find the full details at and take a video tour.

I teach music royalties and publishing, as well as my unique system for artist development and the same tactics I used to break platinum selling artists.


Testimonials from real Members

I am thankful for the day I found Band Builder and Todd McCarty. With him, you’re getting the inside scoop from an actual music professional as opposed to a marketing company. There is literally so much information and so many useful tips and tools, I found myself referring back to it over and over as I planned my next release.

 I have faithfully applied the lessons (not all of them because each time you release a song, you’ll have more to implement!) and I was shocked to see my Spotify monthly listeners increase literally by thousands! My musical footprint has grown bigger, I have true fans dialed into my music, a thriving mailing list and more. It’s the best money I’ve spent on any course EVER. Thank you Band Builder!

Cozi zuehlsdorff 

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Working with Todd and Band Builder, we were able to go from a DIY underground band with maybe 100,000 Spotify streams total, to having over 6 million streams, having several #1 songs on Sirius XM Octane satellite radio, and charting on the Billboard charts with both our independent CD releases. We've grown our fanbase exponentially and landed several national tours.

Todd truly cares and is passionate about helping artists. He helps you set goals, achieve them, and then set new ones.  He's an advocate of independent artists but also is aware of the opportunities a label can provide at the right time with the right deal. Todd is the real deal!


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I've been a member for nearly a year now, and having since gone through the lessons and being an active member in the community, has led to RedHook, on our most recent release, getting on 8 Spotify Official editorial playlists. It wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge Todd and the community have shared. 

The really in-depth structured lessons and the community discussions are probably where you're going to find a lot of the extra kind of knowledge, and really get the most out of the subscription. He's really removed all the smoke and mirrors which come within the music industry and really allows bands to fully kick start their career and crush it as an independent, or label-signed musician. That alone is worth more than $30 a month. I hope to see you all in there. It's such an awesome and amazing community! 


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