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While at Sony Music as a VP of Sales and while managing Fearless Records, my job was pitching music to the major music services. This is what we use.

We’re in a new algorithm economy, and for your song to compete, you need this plan. Consumption is being driven by algorithms.

Too many artists are throwing music out there - with little or no plan just hoping to get lucky. That doesn’t work in any business, so it’s foolish to take that approach. You need focus, and to measure progress from one track to the next.

Your track campaigns need to build on top of each other. Think of it like a staircase of progress. Each time you do another track campaign - you apply the lessons learned to the new one - and you have the fan base multiplying each time, creating a snowball effect.


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I'm Todd McCarty. I started as an indie musician and tour manager. I was a Vice President at Sony Music USA and from 2002-2016 I was the General Manager of a large independent label Fearless Records.

Now, I've taken my decades of music industry experience publishing advice for independent musicians looking to grow their fanbase. I'm the founder of Band Builder Academy and Heat On The Street - a blog covering musicians issues.

Todd Mccarty

band builder academy music marketing plan

Band Builder provides musicians unique training to convert fans, get more Spotify playlists, streams, and member-only tools. You can find the full details at and take a video tour.

I teach my unique system for artist development and the same tactics I used as VP of Sales at Sony Music and GM at Fearless Records.

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