Should I Release My Song and Video at the Same Time?


This question often comes up inside my Community. It’s definitely a dilemma. I’ve switched my opinion on this more than once. But as I put more thought into the subject, I realized a few things. The best answer is – “Where and how your video is released, is more important than whether it comes out on the same day as the song”.  

Often times we are in such a rush to finalize the video that we don’t leave enough time for finding launch partners, and creating a music video marketing campaign. 


Below, I lay out four options for your music video rollout and discuss the pros and cons for each option. 


Releasing the Video the Same Day as the Audio Release.

Good Option.

The obvious benefit is that you’re releasing something that is brand new. It’s been hyped and you are sure to gather high traffic in a short period of time – which signals popularity to music algorithms.

There are some drawbacks though. It can be challenging to get a partner to premiere something on a Friday – which is when 99% of new music is released.

Also you may be splitting your audio and video streams. But volume isn’t everything with algorithms. Overall, quality is key, but performing well on the first day of release can help snowball the momentum.

If you don’t have a lot of other partnerships or “press” lined up for release day and you’re going to prioritize a music video, this is a good option. I definitely recommend booking YouTube ads on the launch day of your video. It’s best to have a full week of streams on YouTube impacting Spotify and Apple.


Releasing the Monday or Tuesday After Release Date.

Good Option.

Putting this space between your audio and video releases gives them room to succeed independently of each other. You have more time to spend promoting each one.

Why Monday or Tuesday?

Mondays and Tuesdays are more convenient for launch partners. The downside here is that you’ll never know what you might have missed by releasing the video day-and-date with the audio. But Mondays and Tuesdays stay close enough to release date to capitalize on release-week excitement.

Weekdays are big days for streaming. Saturday and Sunday are the worst (this depends on what style of music you make). Weekdays are big press days, and staff at the media outlets are there to promote them. If you premiere a video on a blog on a Friday, media outlets are finishing up their work week and tend to rush out the door on Fridays.

Superfans Produce Better Algorithm Data.

The other benefit to this Monday/Tuesday premiere is, when you hold back the video, all of your first day and weekend streams are coming from your pure fanbase. They’re more likely to watch the entire video, heart it, or some other positive algorithm action. If you premiered the video on Friday with a less targeted audience (a blog for example) it may result in higher skips.

If you’re using a blog partner to premiere your video, #2 is a good option.

For YouTube premieres, make sure to do a YouTube “Set Reminder” function on Friday. And tease the video coming next “Tuesday”. This way anybody looking forward to the video, can save it and get a reminder.

The other reason I like this option is that you’ve already built up excitement and awareness for the song, and you can remarket to all the people that listened to the audio, and use them as a launchpad for the video premiere.


Releasing Weeks After Release Date.

Not Ideal.

Releasing your music video weeks after releasee date is not ideal, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you have to do this, try to line up other drivers on the same day. That could be a partnership with an influencer, a brand, paid advertising, or a show or tour announcement. You can use this late video premiere in your post music release strategy, almost like a second street date.

But I would do my best to find a launch partner, make as much noise as possible, and make sure you get people to watch more than one of your videos on YouTube.

You might also choose to premiere your video on a channel that is already successful, and guaranteed to hit your view count target.


Releasing before the audio street date.

Not Ideal.

I’m not a big fan of this option. It would need to be a really good opportunity from a blog or partner that could get it a minimum of 10,000 streams. If it’s within 24 hours of your audio release it can be good. But just be careful not to give it to a blog partner who has 50,000 visitors a day – on their home page, but they bury it in the news feed, or not even on the home page.

Be Weary of Blog Premieres.

Usually when blogs have a busy news day, they’ll throw it up with several other posts and your views end up being less than 1,000 streams. For this type of pre-release exclusive premiere, I would want them to use their social media, email list, and front page feature.

With any premiere partner, if you’re offering an exclusive, you have some leverage to request specific placements for the promotion of that video. Otherwise you might as well release it on your own, and you can spend a few hundred dollars in ads (targeting their audience) to reach even more people than they would have delivered.


I do have a firm answer. If it’s me, I choose the second option – the Monday or Tuesday after the audio release.

I like the separation, the extension of your first week of promotion, and using newfound listeners as a launchpad for the video. And remember it’s more important where and how your release then when.

You’ve got to establish a big footprint early on in the life of your song. The bigger footprint you start with the better chances you have of a snowball scenario.


So, should artists release their song and video at the same time? What’s your will be your music video strategy going forward? Chime in with your experience and what’s worked for you in the comments below.

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